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Baby-sitting refers to the caring of baby in the absence of their parents. Babies are the infants who need constant care whole the day. They can’t be left alone.  This service is usually availed by the parents who are working and don’t have enough time to look after their kids. Baby-sitting is also availed for shorter period of time for instance if the elders have to go out urgently or shop for something. Baby-sitters are also known as nannies. Baby-sitting is a tough job and everyone is not able to perform it because it requires extreme vigilance and affectionate behavior.

Besides, a baby-sitter must be well aware of the baby’s needs. She must be honest, caring and trustworthy as it’s not only the baby who is handed over to her but also the home. So baby-sitters must be hired from verified sources. They should be well trained and checked out frequently. Besides in case of any emergency she must be able to deal with situation sensibly. 

In the country like UAE, majority of public belongs to the other countries and are here to earn their livelihood. Mostly both parents are at work. It is not possible for them to take care of the child properly. Moreover, United Arab Emirates possesses a vast population and it’s also the land of world business and trade. Attending functions or parties is in accordance with these facts and babies spoil the charm of party if kept side by side. People move towards Dubai to establish business, conduct trading activities, or for merchandising purposes.


First they stay as a visitor but once their business settles up, they call up their families too. Businessmen have to attend meet ups and gatherings for dealing purposes at daily basis in this respect. It’s now a trend to go along with spouses. In this case, babies have to stay at home as they can’t be handled in parties easily. So to avail baby-sitting service is very common.

Helenmaid is a reliable source to trust in this regard. Our skillful maids are expertise in dealing with babies affectionately and softly. We provide best care service for keeping babies with proper maintenance of cleaning. Hands full of experience maids by Helenmaid can be at your doorstep at short notice to handle your baby with utmost skill according to his nature. Now you can go and attend gatherings without any worry from baby’s side with the cooperation of Helenmaid at attainable rates!

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